If you Believe that Trump is a Real President, You Know nothing About America


For those of you who share any belief that Trump could be the real President of the United States, I would suggest that you retake the history lessons you were intended to study in high school.

Our greatest presidents led by example. Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, and Barrack Obama backed up their rhetoric with action. The truth is that no one wants to emulate the actions of Donald Trump. He is everything we don’t like about others; Trump is arrogant, ignorant, braggadocio, immoral, lies constantly, and is quick to lose his temper without serious provocation.

It took great courage for Lincoln to do the right thing for the future of the United States. The Civil War was not entirely about the Emancipation Proclamation; it was about keeping the union intact, and avoiding the possibility of two separate nations constantly in disagreement.

Teddy Roosevelt displayed enormous resolve. He challenged other nations to support his ideals, and fought his detractors within our nation. He refused to back down from any challenge in which he truly believed. He loved the people of our nation, and fought for their betterment, often with great resistance from his political adversaries.

If the discussion of ‘great’ presidents is focused on accomplishments for the majority of our nation’s people, Franklin D. Roosevelt is the greatest president in America’s history. He fought corporate power to establish laws and programs which would positively affect the working class. It is because of FDR that we have social security and other systems which affect the majority and not special interests.

President Barrack Obama faced greater challenges than any other president in modern history. He entered office with our nation nearing the economic levels of a depression. America was engaged in two illegal, and unwinnable wars. He faced an opposition party led by traitor Mitch McConnell which ‘promised to do nothing’ as long as an African American remained in office; and they kept that promise. The ‘party of no’ continues to control Washington today. With these many problems facing him, Mr. Obama succeeded in leading our nation out of the worst recession in history, and towards recovery. He also signed the first healthcare bill in American history which would save thousands of lives every year.

What has Trump accomplished? Nothing, with the exception of destroying what works for the majority of the American people.

His white nationalist beliefs encouraged him to wage attacks on the poor. Trump is cutting funding for Medicaid, food stamps, and other programs designed to assist our neediest citizens.

Trumpcare would remove healthcare from more than 23 million Americans; make it nearly impossible for most of 131 million Americans with preexisting conditions to afford Trumpcare; and raise premiums for older Americans by 800 percent.

Trump’s budget is a direct attack on low-income and impoverished Americans. His plan includes huge reductions in the funding for ‘Meals on Wheels,’ which has proven to improve the health of the elderly and the disabled.

Both would be a huge gift to the one-percent. Trump and his cronies would receive trillions of dollars in tax relief, while the deficit would continue to grow.

Trump has escalated Republican’s war on the working class.

Trump is not an American president. He is a failed businessman who continues to commit criminal actions as he enacts executive orders and attempts to pass legislation which would greatly increase the profits of special interests.

A real president represents all of the American people. Trump represents only one-percent.

Lock him up.”


By James Turnage

Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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