Trump Displays his Arrogance and Ignorance at G-7 Summit

Trump (3)

The leaders of most European nations refuse to support Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May. Their narrow minded focus ignores the bigger picture which involves tens-of-thousands of refugees fleeing the tyranny of their own country’s leaders.

Trump has no class, we all know this as fact. He is also rude and his arrogance makes him entirely unlikable. Nothing confirms both his arrogance and ignorance more than his actions at the G-7 Summit.

While Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni was speaking; asking for a partnership between all member nation’s to address the growing refugee problem, Trump not only ignored him, he refused to listen.

Trump did not walk out during Gentiloni’s address, instead he refused to wear headphones which offered a translation of his remarks, and at one time closed his eyes.

If you are not embarrassed that Donald Trump represents your country, you do not love my America. Past presidents displayed dignity, confidence, and compassion when visiting other nations; but that’s not Trump’s ‘style.’ He continues to be the ‘schoolyard bully,’ and that will never be successful in dealing with the leaders of other nations.

Britain has seceded from the European Union, and the effects of that mistake remain to be seen. Trump is isolating America from our allies, and aligning himself with autocratic leaders. He is changing America, and not for the better.

If ‘KremlinGate’ does not remove Trump from office, we must discover another way; and soon. He is destroying the future and the image of America. He is the ‘anti-American’ president.

If you love your country, you must reject a Trump presidency. If you accept Trump, you are a traitor to the majority of the American people who remain patriots to the nation of our founding fathers.


By James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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