KremlinGate is beginning to Crack: The Trump Family’s Facade is Falling Apart

Trump and Spawn

Donald Trump is a criminal, and a traitor to his country. Recent revelations, which I have claimed for months, offer proof the Trump’s son-in-law and his spawn are equally complicit in his illegal and immoral actions.

Let’s begin with what happened two weeks ago. Eric and Donald Jr. left on a hunting trip. Beginning in 2012, Trump’s spawn has been photographed with dead animals including several which are endangered. They are the epitome spoiled rich Americans who seek despicable entertainment to satisfy their lack of masculine security. Their future illicit endeavors are dependent upon their fathers success.

Ivanka’s business interests exist in Russia. She claims to support women in business, but her factories do not exist in the United States.

Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law has met multiple times with Russian agents, during and after the election. He is now under investigation. What purpose did meetings with Russian Ambassador/Spy Sergey Kislyak, and executives of Russian banks who have been sanctioned by the United States accomplish for Trump and his circle of sinners? Did he assist Russian oligarchs in their efforts to launder their fortunes with the purchase of American real estate?

Are the Trumps the modern day “Corleone’s?”

I have exposed the truth multiple times that Trump and his associates have been in the control of Vladimir Putin for at least five years. The facts are there, and only the American press and the Republican Party denies the truth. The world is aware of the facts. Trump, his family, and his supporters are traitors, and the punishment is death.

Okay, some of you may claim that a statement of this seriousness is irresponsible. You would be wrong. If these individuals would be members of the working class, they would be prosecuted and condemned to death by any jury in our nation.

Because Trump is our illegitimate president, the worst that will happen to him and his spawn is impeachment, and a trial in the Senate which would remove him from office. This is insufficient. Trump and his spawn, who have been complicit in winning the 2016 election and laundering the fortunes of Russian oligarchs must receive punishment equal to any other citizen. At the very least they must receive years of incarceration in a federal prison.

If there are any loyal Americans in the Republican Party, they must demand justice for the American people.

Lock them up.”


by James Turnage

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