Yes, Ted Cruz, you are not only a Hypocrite and an Extremist, you are a Crook

Hated GOP Candidates

I was wrong. During the primary season my greatest fear was that Ted Cruz would receive the Republican nomination. I admit that Trump is far worse than I feared. However, I remain pleased that Cruz failed badly in his effort to become our nation’s president. Cruz is so far to the right that he would never have represented 99 percent of our nation’s people. Like Mike Pence, his religious extremism prevents him from being a true American. When he offered his support to Trump, and even campaigned for him, we learned that he joins lyin Paul Ryan and Mitch “the traitor” McConnell as America’s most infamous hypocrites.

Now we have learned that Cruz is also a crook. He failed to report 1.1 million dollars in loans received from Goldman-Sachs during his campaign. There has been no information that the FEC will seek charges against Cruz. Has anyone besides me noticed that Republican politicians seem to be corrupt? It’s not that I’m surprised, but I am very ashamed of the party I once respected.

The facts are that the GOP is the party of the one-percent of wealthiest Americans. When money becomes your ‘god,’ you will do anything to obtain more of it.

Cruz is a nobody. He is a failure, and the most hated man in Washington, although I cannot condemn Trump for trying to overtake that title. No one likes or respects him. Looking at his past, his college classmates refused to associate with him.

Lastly, Cruz will never be punished for his crime. If you or I committed such an enormous violation, we would be in a federal prison. The wealthy and privileged in America never receive the punishment they deserve.

Think about this, and add it to the facts you must consider in November of 2018. Republicans do not care about you, your family, or your friends; they care about their own future, and do not love my country, or my fellow Americans.


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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