Will Lyin Paul Ryan Lose his Reelection in 2018?

Ryan (3)

Lyin Paul Ryan was once considered the man who would reshape the Republican Party, and return it to a viable and principled political force. I joined in ‘drinking the Kool-aid.’ We now know several truths about lyin Ryan; he is not a leader, he lacks the ability to govern, he is a hypocrite, and he is far less intelligent than we once assumed.

The most important word and quality any man or woman can have in my estimation is ‘respect.’ Lyin Ryan gained my respect prior to the Republican convention last July when he denounced Donald Trump for his lack of morality. He was adamant that such a debauched man should not become our nation’s president. After the election, he bowed to Trump’s every demand, and reneged his own criticism of his illegitimate president. He also lost all of my respect.

Apparently I am not alone. After lyin Ryan pushed Trumpcare through the House, by a single vote, millions of other Americans witnessed the real lyin Ryan. Although he was aware that Trumpcare would harm tens of millions of Americans, and murder thousands, he followed the orders of his fuhrer, and demanded that his constituents vote for a healthcare bill which would fail the American people.

As lyin Ryan’s approval rating continues to fall, I can only hope that the good people of Wisconsin, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, do the right thing in November of 2018; they must vote him out of office. He refuses to serve our nation’s people as he bows to Trump and the one-percent of wealthiest Americans.

Our nation is no longer a democracy; it is an oligarchy. We must elect officials who will return our nation to a democratic republic where those we elect represent the wishes of the people and not special interests. Lobbyists must be removed from our government. The American people do not have lobbies, and therefore we have no representation in Washington.

Fight back; this is your country; it does not belong to the government. VOTE!


by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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