Five-Year-Old Expresses the Feelings of the Vast Majority of Americans

Trump (5)

Anyone who previously believed that five-year-old children do not think, this will prove them very wrong. They listen to the conversations of adults, and are sponges for information.

Taylor is a five-year-old little girl who began to ask her mother questions about our government. Fortunately, he mother posted the discussion in a three-part instagram.

Taylor: Why did [Obama] go?” a genuinely frustrated Taylor asks her mom. “Where did he go? So why do we have the president we have now at the same spot he was and why did he leave it anyway?”

Her mother explained that our nation’s president is only allowed to serve two terms. But she had another question ready, one which has been asked by millions of Americans since November 8th.

But how come Hillary did not get to be the president and why is she the loser?” she asks.

Then she asked a question no one could answer

And what are they even winning, anyway?”

After her mother gave her a slice of pizza, Taylor continued to express her frustration about why he was living in ‘Texas.’

Well, why does he have to live there?” she exclaims throwing her hands up in exasperation. “I want him living somewhere else, I don’t want him living in Texas.”

Taylor’s mother explained that the White House was not in Texas, and then she stated a belief that millions of Americans share.

Well I don’t want him being our president, anyway…I wanted Hillary and Marack Obama,” the defeated 5-year-old said.

From the mouths of babes.”

If this doesn’t fully demonstrate how horrific the Trump presidency is, nothing will. I have watched and listened to discussions about eleven presidents before this illegitimate one, and have never heard a five-year-old discuss the leader of the free world.

Taylor, you have approximately 250 million Americans who agree with you, and those who voted for Trump owe you an apology.


by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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