Trump Rejects NATO’s most important Promise


When millions of ignorant voters cast their ballots for Donald Trump, they discounted the importance of competence. Their candidate was totally unqualified to conduct international relations, and was entirely out of touch with the problems of most of the American people.

Today Trump was in Brussels to meet with the members of NATO. Trump’s ‘faux-pas’ were numerous, including the shoving of the Prime Minister of Montenegro to obtain a better photo opportunity. His most egregious action was the content of his speech.

The members of NATO evaluated Trump’s comments as a rejection of article 5, which basically establishes a promise of “all for one and one for all.” In other words, if one member of NATO is attacked, all of NATO is under attack.

Trump vowed that America would “never forsake the friends that stood by our side” in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks — a pledge that White House officials later said amounted to an affirmation of mutual defense.

European nations who rejected the illegal invasion of Iraq evaluated Trump’s speech as questionable support for their nations in time of attack.

More importantly, just before Trump received the nomination, Trump declared his dubious support for the Baltic States who are some of the smaller members of NATO.

If they fulfill their obligations to us,” Mr. Trump said in the interview, “the answer is yes.”

To state that Trump underestimates the value of the NATO alliance is a serious mistake. NATO was organized post WWII to prevent nations joining with other nations to attack smaller and less defensible countries. The alliance was a promise to protect all nations from attacks by stronger adversaries. The threat of stronger powers who would come to the aid of nations with smaller military forces would prevent a recurrence of what happened in WWII.

Trump has proven that he has little knowledge of history, and for someone who claims to be the President of the United States, that is unforgivable. Incompetence is not a quality desirable in the leader of the free world.

Once again Trump has proven that his lack of experience and knowledge of government is the greatest danger to world peace.

Trump cannot be trusted and must be removed from office immediately.


by James Turnage


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