Trump is Taking Away Jobs, and Costing American Businesses a Loss of Millions of Dollars in Revenue


The United States of America was once the most popular tourism destination in the world. Whether individuals from Germany, France, Japan, China, Russia and others travel to America to visit relatives, go to Disney World, or sunbathe on a California beach, American businesses big and small make much of their profit from tourism. Another part of the Trump effect is changing this situation; costing Americans jobs, and costing American businesses revenue.

March statistics revealed a 16 percent decline in tourism from one year ago. This downward trend began in October of 2016, just before the election. The rest of the world experienced an increase of six percent.

Organizations which study tourism statistics based on advance reservations for hotels and air travel do not see a change in this negative trend.

“Currently, there is no sign of recovery in the data,” according to the release posted by Foursquare CEO Jeff Glueck.

The truth is that this trend began before Trump was elected. People around the world watch the news, and a distaste for America and American politics has influenced their decision about the countries they choose to visit, and where they will spend their money.

The primary tourist season is between June and September. If the percentages of lost tourism continues to rise, businesses big and small are likely to experience a very disappointing loss of revenue. If it is big enough, many smaller businesses will become extinct. Along with those employers will be their employees. Many college students rely on summer jobs to pay for their education.

Let’s be honest here. If I lived in another nation, why would I want to come to the United States where I would not be welcomed. The world likely knows more about Trump than most of our citizens. Their news services are far more honest and direct than ours have become in the last 20 years.

The ‘Trump effect’ is disastrous. The people of the world are aware that hate crimes and violence in general are on the rise. Fear will prevent millions of tourists from planning a trip to our shores this summer.


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Sean MacEntee

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