Will Republicans Ignore Trump’s Recent Poll Numbers?


The Republican Party is a party of hypocrites. They denounced Trump during his campaign, but now support his every proposal; all of which harm the majority of the American people. Trump is under multiple investigations for multiple offenses against the American people. His healthcare plan, and his budget proposal are abominable, and would literally murder tens of thousands of Americans. How long will they continue to support his illegitimate presidency, fully aware that their own reelections are in the balance?

The Quinnipiac polls released today are good for the American people, but not good for Trump and his hypocritical party.

Trump’s overall approval rating has dropped to just 37 percent. More importantly other poll numbers indicate a nation which is rejecting the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

54 percent of Americans believe Trump is abusing his power. 54 percent also believe that it was a mistake to fire James Comey. 55 percent believe that Trump asked Comey to halt the investigation into Michael Flynn’s alleged collusion and business interests with Russia. 62 percent support the investigations currently being conducted by congress, and even more, 66 percent, believe that a special prosecutor should be chosen to remove bias. 68 percent are concerned that Russian interference may have altered the results of our election.

To put it simply; the majority of the American people do not trust their illegitimate president. Every person in our nation with average intelligence is convinced that if Trump’s lips are moving, he’s lying. His entire administration relies on deception to retain their positions; positions for which none are qualified.

The greatest problem for America is that when Trump is forced out of office, how far down the line of successors will we find a qualified replacement? Pence lied about what he knew about Michael Flynn. He also knows about the extent of Russia’s influence in the election. Lyin Paul Ryan has flip flopped 180 degrees since the illegitimate election of Trump. He is a traitor to the American people, and proved that he is unqualified to govern the United States. He learned about Russia’s involvement in our election in the Summer of 2016, and ordered his constituents to hide the truth from the American people. That brings us to Orin Hatch, the president pro tempore of the Senate.

Although I do not agree with much of Hatch’s political positions, he is an honest man who could serve as our president until 2020 without disgracing our nation. Most importantly, he is not a “yes man” for Donald Trump.

Lock him up.”


by James Turnage


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