The Story of the ‘Reluctant First Lady:’ Melania Trump’s Rejection of her Husband


The evidence that Melania Trump is rejecting her husband began just two days after the November election. When Donnie boy and Melania arrived at the White House, Trump exited the vehicle and walked up the White House steps, leaving Melania far behind. After the President greeted Trump, he joined First Lady Michelle Obama in assisting the wife of the new illegitimate president inside the White House.

Arriving in Tel Aviv, as Trump and Melania exited Air Force One and walked across the tarmac, Trump attempted to grab Melania’s hand. She subtly slapped his hand away as the cameras recorded the incident.

Today the ‘not so happy couple’ arrived in Rome. Standing at the top of the stairs, Trump once again attempted to take his wife’s hand. Melania quickly raised her left arm to ‘brush the hair from her eyes.’ As they were being greeted by the reception committee, Trump turned to look at Melania who was standing directly behind him. When Trump turned his head to face forward, her expression changed from a practiced smile to an expression of what appeared to be deep depression.

Mothers who have children attending the same school as Melania’s son, Barron, state that Trump is very mean to his wife, and that Melania did not want to be the First Lady. She continues to resist moving to the White House.

According to White House sources, Trump’s weak temperament frequently moves his emotional state into fits of rage.

Let’s be honest here, Trump will be 71-years-old next month. He is obviously in poor health, both physically and mentally. With 60 to 80 pounds of extra fat, he is classified as obese. He failed to join Melania for her recent birthday or Mother’s Day; Mother’s Day found him on a golf course; again.

Melania is joining with her fellow Americans and rejecting her immoral and unfit husband. There is no doubt that revelations during the campaign confirmed her suspicions that Trump is a serial philanderer, and a sexual predator.

Who will begin the “Rescue Melania” movement? During divorce proceedings with his first wife, Ivana, she testified that Trump once beat and raped her. Marla Maples offered multiple claims of physical and mental abuse.


by James Turnage


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