Will Melania Move Into the White House?

Donald and Melania

Melania Trump is not stupid. She is very aware that her husband is a serial philanderer, and a sexual predator. Unlike Donnie boy, she is not in denial about his comments made in recordings from ‘Access Hollywood,’ and the ‘Apprentice.’ Melania is less likely to doubt the “Golden Showers Dossier” than Republican politicians.

Women who have children attending Barron’s school revealed that Melania never wanted to be the First Lady, and is not happy about leaving New York and living in the White House.

Trump’s first two wives told tales of verbal and physical abuse. Trump’s reputation has long preceded his presidency. He has been described as a ‘womanizer,’ and a man who treats the women in his life very badly.

This morning the Trump’s and their entourage arrived in Israel. When Donny boy attempted to take Melania’s hand, she swatted it away.

After the election, Donny boy and Melania visited President Obama and First Lady, Michelle, at the White House. Trump exited the limousine leaving Melania behind to fend for herself. Michelle Obama appeared concerned. She and the President let Trump walk away as they assisted his wife. The image of this event is available on twitter and the attached link.

Trump is a dirty old man. He is crude, and has an extremely weak temperament which forces him into a mental state which can only be labeled as ‘rage.’ He is 60 to 80 pounds overweight, which classifies him as obese. He is a 70-year-old man who is well past his prime, while Melania is a beautiful and statuesque 47-year-old woman.

The American people have two goals; remove Trump from the White House, and save Melania and Barron.


by James Turnage


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