Trump Joins All Republicans in their War on Women


If the Republican Party fails to disassociate itself with the Christian religious right, it must be disbanded and rejected as a viable American political party. The first amendment forbids the support of a single religion by our government, while protecting the rights of the American people to practice the faith of their choice or none at all.

It is because of the Christian religious right that abortion is a political issue in America. Ignored by the right wing is the individual right of each woman to choose the health of her own body. This is unconstitutional and sexist.

It is because of the Christian religious right that Planned Parenthood is under attack by the extremists who call themselves Republicans today. Planned Parenthood has saved a countless number of lives for 100 years. It provides cancer screenings, and other critical services not affordable to thousands of low-income and poor women. Since 1976, it has not used federal funds for abortion, other than in cases of rape and incest. Because they have waged a war against women for decades, in support of the Christian religious right, GOP politicians won’t offer that fact.

Some members of the “Republican in name only Party” even suggest that if it is a choice between the fetus or the woman when complications occur during child birth, the fetus should survive and the woman left to die.

Of all the questions I have related to why millions of Americans cast their votes for Trump, the biggest is ‘how could any woman support such an immoral man?’ The ‘Access Hollywood’ and ‘Apprentice’ tapes revealed Trump’s belief in the objectivity of women, and that he believes he ‘has the right to do with them whatever he chooses.’ Is this what any mother wants her daughter or granddaughter to believe? Trump is a serial philanderer, and has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault. I simply lack the ability to understand how Trump won the election, unless it was ‘rigged.’ We’re learning more about that every day, and it looks bad for Donnie boy.

Because of another Trump ‘executive order,’ states are now allowed to refuse medicaid money allotted for the funding of Planned Parenthood. The ‘second most racist state’ in the union, Texas, is harming and endangering the lives of thousands of women who most need aid, available at little or no cost to the patient. How many other ‘red’ states will follow Texas’ lead.

When will the American people wake up? Republicans are waging wars against minorities, the working class, and all women. They deny the rights of Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and others to openly and safely practice the religion of their choice.

Here’s the good news. Old, white Republicans are aging and will soon be unable to stop progress in America from their graves. Socially, we are the most backwards nation in the developed world.

It’s time for younger Americans to take their country back from an oppressive and regressive political party. I urge them to become active; run for office; join an activist group; and most importantly promise yourselves to vote in every election. You owe it to your country, and you owe it to yourselves.


by James Turnage


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