Rodrigo Duterte Supports Trump’s Russian Ties


Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippine dictatorial president, has murdered thousands of his own people for the use and sale of illegal substances. Recently Trump invited him to the White House. Although Duterte is proud of his association with Trump, he aligns his nation with the other super powers.

I have nothing against America, [US President Donald] Trump is my friend. But my foreign policy has shifted. I want to deal with China and Russia. Because in Western world, it’s double talk,” he said.

The truth is far more simple; Duterte seeks the purchase of military weapons, which will not be sold to him by the United States.

If my country collapses, who will bring it back? The US? We need weapons,” he said.

Then came the definitive reason why he joins Trump in his support of Russia.

Russia sells weapons, no conditions. With the US it’s a different story. They make conditions. But I’m not gonna stand on bended knees.”

America has a higher standard; sometimes. Most presidents and the congress have refused the sale of weapons to dictators who murder their own people. Russia and Vladimir Putin have no such standards; but will that change with Trump in office and a single cowardly and hypocritical party in power?

I wouldn’t doubt it, and Trump would claim that it is ‘good for job growth in America.’

Since Trump’s illegitimate election, he has praised dictators, including Putin, President Erdogan of Turkey, and Duterte. He even said that he would be “honored” to meet with North Korea’s ruthless dictator, Kim Jong-un. Trump’s ‘standards’ are far less than my own.


by James Turnage


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