How the Saudis Played Donald Trump


Part of a ‘deal’ Trump signed with the Saudi Royal Family today involves selling them military weapons at a reported cost of $110 billion; ‘chump change’ for them. We do not have information regarding other agreements as of this day.

It was obvious that the Saudis were smarter than Trump; no challenge there. They have been watching American television and are fully aware that by stroking Trump’s ego, they could have anything they desired. He was given ‘royal’ treatment, greater than that offered to George W. Bush in a trip to Riyadh in 2008; and the Bush family has very close ties with the Saudis.

Of course Trump will claim that no president every received the phenomenal treatment he received; and that’s true. He was outsmarted and played.

The truth is that Trump’s visit is hypocritical. During his campaign he promised to “ban Muslim terrorists from the United States.” He has made three attempts to ban Muslims from six nations, and twice lost to federal appeals courts.

Saudi Arabia was never on that list, although they are the largest exporters of Al Qaeda terrorists in the world. 15 of the 19 terrorists who hijacked four aircraft on September 11, 2001 were Saudi nationals.

The question has been asked and answered; Trump is not concerned with terrorists entering the United States; he is only concerned with keeping a campaign promise and supporting his bigoted beliefs.

Trump is a buffoon, and the Saudis know him well. Congratulations to Trump for giving them everything they asked for without anything in return.


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Tribes of the World

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