A White House on Vacation: The Investigation Which Will Welcome them Home


Trump is once again out of the White House. However, for once he is not playing at Mar-a-Lago this weekend, he is on his first foreign trip. With him is what appears to be 90 percent of his staff. They will visit Saudi Arabia, Israel, Rome, Brussels, and Sicily. Nothing is normal for the Trump administration because he is not normal. His controversial mental state compels him to take actions with no historical precedent. The question is, when they return, will many of them be looking for a new job?

The Washington Post is reporting that the investigation into Trump’s Russian connections has reached an individual who is ‘very close to the president.’ Is he or she currently on Air Force One?

Where there’s smoke there’s fire.” Currently the White House is invisible because it is totally engulfed in smoke. Although Trump told his Russian friends now that he fired former FBI Director James Comey, he is free from investigation when they visited the Oval Office in a secret meeting last week, that is just another Trump “alternative fact.”

How will Trump be received abroad? Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest Muslim nation. What will be discussed, or will Trump attempt to dictate his agenda to the Saudi royal family? Maybe Trump will suggest the construction of another Trump Tower in Riyadh.

When he meets with ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu, how will he explain his gift of top secret information to the Russians which originated from Israel intelligence? And once again, will he attempt to convince Netanyahu that a Trump Tower should be built in Tel Aviv, or maybe even Jerusalem?

Trump appears to be in denial about the seriousness of the investigation back home. Trump could be charged with criminal violations and even treason. He is under investigation for collusion with agents of Vladimir Putin during the election, and also for assisting Russian oligarchs with laundering their fortunes through the purchase of American real estate. The investigation is also likely reviewing Trump’s numerous ethics violations by conducting his foreign business interests while living in the White House.

Strange days for America and the world. Without a qualified and legitimate president our nation is literally floundering. Turmoil in the White House is creating turmoil in the public sector.

Dump Trump” has become the national cry once again. We have but a single solution for our national nightmare.


by James Turnage


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