Trump’s Arrogance Will Create his Demise


It was clear from the very beginning that Trump was mentally unstable. His bragging never ceased. Everything he did or promised was the ‘hugest,’ the ‘biggest,’ the ‘greatest,’ and ‘bigly.’ His weak temperament forced him into rage when he received the slightest criticism. Trump’s arrogance prevents him from admitting his mistakes; and this, alone, may be the force which causes his demise and subsequent exile into his golden tower.

Former FBI Director James Comey kept records of everything. For Trump, this is terminal. Trump’s lies are exposed every day, and many of those lies offer proof that impeachment is a must. Yesterday, he was asked if he encouraged Comey to halt the investigation into Michael Flynn’s communications and actions during the campaign. His answer was; “No. No. Next question.”

A memo written by Comey contradicts Trump, and may be deemed an obstruction of justice; a criminal offense which would demand impeachment.

When Trump was informed that a special counsel had been appointed to thoroughly investigate his Russian connections, Trump once again responded with arrogance and denial.

“The entire thing has been a witch hunt … there’s no collusion.”

In all fairness to Trump, he has but a single choice; deny everything. If he admitted that the slightest allegation was indeed fact, every story about Trump and his supporters would become part of the truth. Not only Flynn, but reports about Manafort, Stone, Page, Sessions, Tillerson, DeVos, through her brother, Erik Prince, and many others would be re-investigated and an abundance of evidence would end Trump’s reign of terror almost immediately.

Hypocrite Paul Ryan is desperately attempting diversion tactics to protect his fuhrer. He has no backbone; no cojones; and therefore is an enemy of the American people. After Trump and Pence, Lyin Ryan must be next in line to be removed from office.

Hopefully voters will cast ballots for themselves in November of 2018 and refuse to support any candidate with an “R” next to his or her name. The American people are at war with “Republicans in name only.” We must display our power, and reject anyone who supports Donald Trump.

Trump’s own words and illegal actions will destroy his administration. He and his circle of sinners are unqualified, self-serving men and women whose own ambitions prevent them from serving the American people.

Trump’s greatest weakness is his lack of intellect. He is an immoral and despicable man who fails to earn the respect and loyalty of most Americans. Follow Michael Flynn’s advice and “lock him up.”


by James Turnage

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