Trump and Putin Share One Tactic: Deny, Deny, and Keep Denying


Trump continues to deny that Russia interfered in any manner in the election. Vladimir Putin backs him up. They are both in denial because they are both lying. They also share several personal qualities, or lack of. Both Trump and Putin believe in autocratic rule. Everything must emanate from them and be accepted as law. Both men claim to care for their fellow countrymen, when in reality they support the very rich and ignore the needs of the majority. One very large difference between the two men is that Putin is far more intelligent and understands government.

It’s a funny thing that when an individual lies his or her way through life, eventually the truth is revealed and that individual loses all credibility. Such is the case with both Trump and Putin.

In May of 2016, American intelligence services recorded a Russian intelligence agent discussing plans by the GRU to help Trump defeat Hillary Clinton on November 8th. Putin had ordered the interference in retaliation for Hillary’s attack on the validity of Putin’s election in 2011, which remains controversial today.

The evidence is piling up; Trump and his staff conspired with the Russians to “rig” the election. I don’t believe in ‘coincidence,’ and there are far too many suspicious events which are pointed directly at the truth.

Trump refuses to learn about the job for which he was gifted by the Electoral College. If he knew the close scrutiny aimed at the president, I doubt that he would have run for election. He was able to hide his illegal and immoral tactics in the private sector, but nothing can be hidden for a long time when someone enters a high level government job.

Robert Mueller will find the facts, unless Trump has him fired. This may be his next step, which will result in additional members of his own party defecting from his support group. He fails to understand the fact that all Republican members of the House are up for reelection in November of 2018, and nine Republican Senators are facing reelection. Trump’s policies and ideas are beginning to cause a shift in America’s midterm elections.

Democrats have been notorious for failing to vote in non-presidential elections. This will likely change in 2018. It must if all power is to be removed from Trump and his hypocritical party.

We can take back our country, and prevent Trump from destroying our democracy, and replacing it with fascism.

But hope may be on the horizon. Impeachment is becoming a very real possibility. Do I dare to dream? I must; that’s all Trump is leaving most Americans.


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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