Pence to Speak at Notre Dame to a Dwindling Crowd

Notre Dame

I am exhausted. Writing about Trump and his cronies is tiring, and for nearly two years my own stories have caused personal depression and created a more pessimistic view of the world than I prefer. I have decided to try and find at least one event, or one person to focus on every day which will make you and me both feel better about ourselves and the world.

There has been a great deal of criticism aimed at millennials. Some of it is fair. I wish that they would become more involved in their own futures and the future of the world. I also wish that they would take the time to learn more from the history of our nation and the world. The past is the best teacher of what not to repeat in the future.

However, there are many aspects of these young men and women in which I find hope. Millennials are less likely to be racist. Unless they are raised in certain ‘red states,’ they do not see or judge people based upon color or ethnic origin. For the most part, millennials believe in complete equality between men and women. Sexual orientation almost never enters the conversation. Finally, millennials are far less likely to be religious. Christianity is failing to attract new converts at a rate never experienced previously in our nation’s history. Millennials seek facts, not fantasy, and reject the right of other men to instruct them regarding the manner in which they should live their lives. Millennials tend to be more agnostic and even atheist. Those who choose religion are more apt to become followers of the religion of Islam than Christianity.

Why am I praising the largest voting demographic in our nation? Two simple reasons. I want them to understand the power that they possess. If they are tired of my generation, baby boomers, harming their nation, with a little effort they can force them out of public office and bring a new energy to our nation. Secondly I want to recognize their resistance to the status quo, and justifiable demands that they be heard.

A perfect example occurred last week when the administration of Bethune-Cookman invited Betsy DeVos to speak at the university’s commencement exercise. The student body at our nation’s colleges is seldom given a choice about who is invited to speak on their campus. DeVos opposes public education, and as Secretary of Education has hired an avowed white supremacist to work on her staff. The graduates booed DeVos and eventually turned their backs to the dais. I applaud them for expressing their first amendment rights.

Mike Pence is scheduled to speak at Notre Dame’s commencement this Sunday. The graduates were opposed to his invitation, but the University once again ignored their wishes.

Pence is an extremely homophobic individual, and signed the first anti-gay legislation in America while the Governor of Indiana. He is opposed to same-sex marriage, and women’s rights. As a member of Trumps circle of sinners, he constantly lies to the American people.

In response to the rejection of their wishes, some of the graduates plan to walk out during Pence’ speech Sunday.

Luis Miranda is one of the organizers of the expected walk-out. He claims that his Catholic values prevent his support of Pence. He believes that he has an obligation to support the ‘poor and the marginalized.’

“This is not just about the numbers, but about standing up for truth,” Miranda said. “We feel that there is power in truth and hopefully there will be power in numbers that come stand up with us.”

As a patriotic American, who has often denounced his government, I am proud of any student who demands that his opinions and wishes be heard and recognized by those in authority. We are the most diverse nation in the world, and this is where our national pride must be focused.

I am thrilled to offer my support to the graduating classes of Bethune-Cookman University, and the University of Notre Dame. This is America at its finest.


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Ken Lund

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