Pence Knew Everything About Michael Flynn and must be Impeached along with Trump


Mike Pence was given the task of vetting Michael Flynn for the position of national security adviser. It has been confirmed that Flynn informed the Trump transition team that he was under investigation because he had been working for the Turkish government, and was paid by Russian television for a speaking engagement. Multiple warnings about Flynn’s nefarious actions had been given to the White House. The first was two days after the election, when Trump was invited to the Oval Office by President Obama. Mr. Obama warned Trump about Flynn, and why he had fired him in 2014.

After Flynn was fired after just 24 days in his position, Pence told the press that “this was the first I heard of it,” referring to Flynn’s involvement with foreign agencies.

Mike Pence is unfit to become the president after Trump is forced out of office. Lying disqualifies any individual to be our nation’s leader. No man or woman can be the president if he or she cannot be trusted, or has proven that he or she does not have the respect of the American people.

Richard Nixon was in office for over five years prior to the discovery that his administration was corrupt, and that he must be removed from office. Trump and his circle of sinners have been exposed in just four months.

There is no longer any question about the criminal and traitorous actions by Trump, Pence, Tillerson, Sessions, and others. They must all be removed if our national nightmare is to end.

Finally, we can all agree that allowing Trump to become our illegitimate president was the biggest mistake in American history. However, we must also deny Mike Pence the right to be addressed as ‘President Pence.’ We deserve better.


by James Turnage

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