Offered a Horrific Trumpcare Bill, the Senate is Unable to Find Effective Repairs


Trumpcare was passed by a single vote in the House. While Donnie boy and Lyin Paul Ryan celebrated, the American people were angry. This horrific bill would prevent tens of millions of Americans to obtain healthcare, and raise costs for millions more. Trumpare is tantamount to ‘legalized murder.’

The bill is now in the Senate, and traitor Mitch McConnell is urging his fellow hypocrites to quickly pass the horrid legislation with few revisions; it ‘aint gonna happen.’ It appears that the Senate will offer an entirely new bill.

A critical issue facing Senate Republicans involves funding the healthcare exchanges. Either they vote to continue the Obamacare exchanges, rewrite the entire bill, or find a short-term solution, which would fail to have Democrat’s support.

The question is, do we separate it out, do something quick, maybe ask for Democratic support on that, or do we just try to come to conclusion on an overall bill?” Republican Ron Johnson said. “We’re trying to grapple what can we do short term to stabilize these markets to prevent them collapsing, see if we can stabilize these insurance rates at least for 2018.”

Johnson added: We’re running out of time.”

Republicans in the House conveniently ignore the fact that Obamacare was 15 months in the making. They hurried a poorly written and dangerous bill in just two months, proving that they are unable to govern wisely and effectively. Trumpcare is nothing more than a number of alterations to please three different factions within the GOP.

It appears that it will be months before Republican Senators can offer a healthcare bill which has an opportunity to pass in both houses.

Okay, let’s be completely honest here. The intelligent choice would be to repair Obamacare. Most of the provisions offer adequate healthcare for more than 22 million Americans today. The preexisting clause is workable, and under Obamacare older Americans are not heavily penalized for their age alone.

I do not believe that a single Republican has the experience or knowledge to create a bill which would be supported by the majority of the American people. Trump did not choose his advisory staff wisely. His Secretary of Health and Human Services is unqualified for his position. Tom Price committed several felonies while in the House. He attempted to manipulate legislation to enhance the value of healthcare related stocks he purchased. Price has lived a life of privilege and luxury in the federal government, and has no realization regarding the needs of the American people.

Most Americans agree; congress should keep and improve Obamacare and put their egos behind them.


by James Turnage


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