Robert Mueller Responsible for Keeping Kellyanne’s Mouth Closed

Conway (2)

We all know that Kellyanne Conway loves to be in the spotlight and hear herself lie. Because of her inability to be truthful, and answer direct questions, she has been banned from appearing on several television networks. Of course the GOP propaganda machine, FOX Noise, has her as a ‘guest’ whenever the White House makes a request. That’s why it was a big surprise when Conway canceled an appearance of Tucker Carlson’s show Wednesday evening, just an hour prior to broadcast.

Kellyanne Conway was going to be sitting in that seat,” Carlson said. “We had booked her at their request. We don’t often have people from the administration on, but they said ‘we want to send over Kellyanne Conway’ – great.”

Carlson added: Then, not long before air,” Carlson continued, “they canceled it, for reasons that were not exactly clear.”

What could have happened to prevent Conway from doing what she loves best; lying to the American people, and especially when those she would be speaking to have already been brainwashed by FOX?

The answer is a very upsetting event for the White House. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller had been appointed as ‘special counsel’ to continue the investigation into Trump’s connection to Russia in the afternoon.

For 117 days the White House has been in turmoil. What is it like to be working in the White House today?

Monday, when it was revealed that Trump gave classified information to the Russians last Wednesday, sources reported that the staff was “hiding in their offices.” Today they are likely hiding under their desks.

There exists an enormous amount of circumstantial evidence. If Mueller discovers a single piece of hard evidence, your illegitimate president will quickly be evicted from the White House, and our nation’s nightmare will finally end.

To Kellyanne; we don’t miss you, and we won’t miss you when you and your immoral boss are no longer in the public eye.

A final note. Don’t feel sorry for the late night comics when Trump is gone. They will have plenty of material allowing them to ridicule Mike Pence.


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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