First Amendment Is Our Only Safeguard Against Trump’s Fascist Ambitions


Former business associates of Donald Trump revealed how he made “deals.” He is described as a bully, and a criminal who bribed multiple public officials with campaign contributions to secure property, etc., to enhance his business empire. He also owes hundreds of millions of dollars to investors, and banks, including China. There are also allegations that he has received money from Russia.

Trump’s ignorance regarding the workings of government are not only dangerous to our nation’s people; they are a danger to the free world. His denouncement of the media and protests by thousands of Americans across the nation are a direct attack upon the first amendment.

Our most important personal rights are guaranteed by the first amendment, and it protects the rights of the fourth estate to expose corruption and wrong doing by our government. The first amendment is the only thing which prevents Donnie boy from remaking America into a fascist regime.

By now everyone knows about Trump’s request to James Comey that he halt the investigation of Michael Flynn. We also know that Trump fired the former Director of the FBI because he was escalating his investigation into Trump’s Russian connections. What I just learned is that Trump also encouraged Comey to arrest members of the press who revealed factual information Trump attempted to hide.

Trump even asked Comey to arrest reporters who revealed non-classified information, which is not considered a crime.

Not even Richard Nixon’s administration was as secretive as Donald Trump’s. As more information is discovered about Trump and his campaign staff, it is evident that the truth will set America free. His multiple ethics violations demand criminal investigation. His suspected collusion with Russia during the election, and his alleged aiding and abetting of Russian oligarchs to launder money through the purchase of American real estate, are crimes of treason.

Without the courageous efforts of newspaper journalists, Trump’s crimes would remain hidden; television “news” has ignored his misdeeds. As Nixon said: “The American people have the right to know if their president is a crook.”

With every revelation about Trump’s illegal actions, it becomes more apparent why he refuses to reveal his tax returns. It is obvious that in those returns information is contained which would greatly harm, and possibly end the illegitimate presidency of Donald J. Trump. His alleged financial ties with Russia and Vladimir Putin are surely part of that information. For the president, who he profits from and who he owes money to is crucial. Contrary to Trump’s assertion that he is above all ethics laws, many apply to him if they are involved with foreign nations or foreign agents.

Trump’s ignorance well likely end his reign of terror. He is his own worst enemy.

For the American people, this is good news; the first amendment will prevail, and the swastika will not be raised over the Capitol Building.


by James Turnage


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