A Plea to All Millennials: It’s Your Turn to Save our Country


I am asking all of you to forward this to any young man or woman who reached ‘adulthood’ after 2000. Millennials are the largest voting bloc in America, and if they can be encouraged to go to the polls in 2018, not a single Republican would win his or her election bid. Thank you.

In 2016 millennials surpassed baby boomers as the largest single voting bloc in our nation. The strongest showing by any candidate supported by this group was accomplished by Bernie Sanders. The age difference was unimportant. What was critical was the fact that Senator Sanders was the most progressive candidate in the race for the presidency. Mr. Sanders supported ‘democratic socialism,’ which would have removed income inequality, and provided free college tuition for any young American with a desire to attend our universities.

Hillary Clinton was more moderate, and attracted fewer millennials, although the final tally revealed that she received 55 percent of this bloc’s votes, and Trump trailed with 37 percent. Most politicos believe that the spread would have been much wider if Bernie Sanders had been the Democratic nominee.

The most troubling statistic is that only 50 percent of eligible millennials took the time to go to the polls. Approximately 70 percent of baby boomers eligible went to the polls.

Therefore, I beg all eligible young men and women to vote in November of 2018. You have the power; you alone can decide the winners and losers of the midterm election. Trump will reinstate the draft, and place America in at least one unwinnable war during his term in office if we let him. With Democratic control of the House and Senate, Trump will be powerless; only Congress can declare war.

It is time to leave voter apathy in the past; you are the future, and you must decide where you want our country to go. Trump is moving us into the dark ages of America. His support of white supremacy, Islamophobia, homophobia, and sexism will undo more than 60 years of efforts by men and women who love the country of our forefathers.

If you join with the fastest growing demographic, women, you have a power which is unstoppable.

My generation, baby boomers, is dying off; and that’s a good thing. Too many in my age group resist change; and change is inevitable.

Consider this; to become a member of the House, a candidate must be a U.S. citizen and be at least 25 years of age. To be a Senator, citizenship and an age of 30 is required. For the presidency an individual must be a natural born citizen, have lived in the United States consecutively for a minimum of 14 years, and be 35 years of age. How many of you fit into these parameters?

How about this for a dream. In 2020, it is possible that the next President of the United States could be a 36-year-old black woman, whose faith is the religion of Islam, or possibly an atheist, and her sexual orientation is bisexual.

I can only dream, but please think about this. Our nation cannot survive under a despot such as Donald Trump. America needs you, and you need it. Get out the vote, and take part in the future of your nation.


by James Turnage

Follow me on twitter; @jamesturnagenov

My website: https://sites.google.com/site/jamesturnagenovelist/james-turnage-truthsayer

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