Republicans are not only Hypocrites, They’re Cowards

New Republican Logo

Earlier today I was telling my wife about today’s Republican Party. They are a band of hypocrites who always stick together even when they know they are voting against the needs and wishes of the American people; party first. During the George W. Bush administration, not a single Republican voted against the vile and reckless policies of the White House. Today’s ‘Republicans in name only’ have continued that anti-American policy and offered Trump complete support although he has already proven himself to be the most corrupt and most immoral president in America’s 240 year history.

Across the nation thousands of voters demanded that Republican politicians refuse to repeal Obamacare. Instead, they suggested that it be repaired. Republicans in the House refused to listen and passed Trumpcare. Just over 20 percent of all Americans approve of the bill which would remove healthcare for at least 24 million Americans, raise deductibles, raise costs, and prevent or make it difficult for 131 million Americans with preexisting conditions to obtain coverage.

The American people are angry; they have been demanding that their Representatives from Washington hold town hall meetings to explain their reasoning for pass such a horrific piece of legislation. As of today only seven percent of GOP politicians have agreed to meet with their constituents. They have proven themselves not only hypocrites, but also cowards.

My job, along with Democratic politicians including Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gilibrand, and Bernie Sanders, is to keep the voting public involved and angry. Everyone knows someone who will be adversely affected if Trumpcare passes in the Senate. This must be in the forefront of the decision process in November of 2018. Any candidate with an “R” next to his or her name must be removed from office. All 435 seats in the House are up for reelection, and 33 seats in the senate.

If you care about yourself, your family and your friends, you must take away all power from Trump and his disreputable party.

It’s your country; take it back from the corrupt politicians on the right side of the aisle.


by James Turnage


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