Like her Father, Ivanka Trump Lies to Make Money

Ivanka (2)

Anyone who knows the Trump family history, is fully aware that their only god is money. That’s why the release of Ivanka Trump’s book, which she claimed was written from a desire to aid women in the workplace, was merely an effort to increase her personal wealth by using her father’s illegitimate presidency. Every literary critic panned the book as ‘weak,’ ‘uninformative,’ and ‘a waste of money.’

Ivanka promised the American people that her book would be sold through social media only. She lied; she’s a ‘Trump.’

A display at an unidentified Barnes and Noble offered proof that Ivanka has followed in her father’s footsteps and committed another ethics violation.

A conscientious customer rearranged the ‘self-help’ section to reveal the Trump ‘philosophy of life.’ Under the cover of Ivanka’s book other offerings were arranged with titles such as “Disarming the Narcissist,” “Surviving and Thriving with the Self-Absorbed,” “The Fatherless Daughter Project,” “Toxic Parents,” and others.

Let’s be clear; the truth must be told. The Trump family is unable to relate to the American people. They are spoiled, rich, and immature children who are totally unaware of the struggles facing most Americans on a daily basis.

Ivanka and Jared should resign from their White House jobs and return to their lives as New York socialites.


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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