Donald Trump’s Greatest Enemy is Donald Trump

Trump (5)

It’s a fact that Donald Trump’s shortcomings are endless, and that’s why I laughed when he whined to the Coast Guard Academy today, that he is ‘the most mistreated politician in history.’ Trump is his own worst enemy. At the core of his many, many flaws is a weak temperament which requires that constant attention be devoted to soothing his ego. He is never wrong. If a positive result occurs from the efforts of the Obama Administration, he takes the credit and brags to his supporters. Every time he makes a mistake, he blames someone else.

Trump damages his reputation without awareness and without concern. He lies so frequently that he actually believes his own “alternative facts.”

Trump causes great damage to himself and our nation, and much of it is because he cannot resist sending tweets with his little thumbs. He is fearful of answering questions or engaging in an honest discussion. With the use of twitter, he avoids responses, and can express his twisted and often fallacious opinions without fear of a negative reaction in his presence.

Sadly, Trump cannot change; as the line from a movie goes; “he can’t handle the truth.” His penchant for making rash decisions makes him dangerous.

No one forces Trump to lie; no one is to blame for his poor decisions other than himself. Only a psychiatrist can help him with his mental instability.

Trump is 70 years old; he cannot change, and he doesn’t want to change. He has earned the disrespect and criticism of the majority of the American people. When he decided to run for the presidency, he exposed himself. Trump will continue to be rejected for supporting white nationalism, his embracing of Islamophobia, and his immoral and salacious beliefs about women.

Donny will continue to blame everyone else for his failures. I’m certain that because he has not been ‘winning,’ as he promised his supporters, he is seething on the inside.

Sadly for Trump, he will never understand the truth. He is a failed old man who is incapable of performing as the President of the United States.

I’m just happy that his problems are not mine.


by James Turnage


Art work courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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