A White House Without Communication: Even Screaming at Each Other

White House (2)

The defining aspect of an intelligent human being is someone who learns from others, and from his own mistakes. Donald Trump’s arrogance prevents him from taking advice from others, and believes that he has never made a mistake in his wretched 70+ years on the planet.

The White House is in turmoil. The upper echelon of Trump’s staff has been forced to spend much of its time covering up Trump’s lies and mistakes. A lack of communication has resulted in contradictions between the very individuals tasked with protecting an ill-tempered and incompetent president.

The bottom line is that Trump and his circle of sinners have proven that they are unable to govern and choose not to represent all of the American people.

On Monday, when it was revealed that Trump handed Sergei Lavrov, and Sergey Kislyak top secret information our country received from Israel, Trump’s staff challenged with revealing his message to the White House Press Corps engaged in what was described as a ‘screaming match.’ Inside of the White House, within earshot of the briefing room, Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, were heard yelling at each other regarding Trump’s gift of classified information to his Russian handlers.

Bob Corker attended a dinner with Trump and his advisers. He later described the Trump administration as taking ‘one step forward, and two steps back with each day Donnie boy is in office.

By Monday evening, Corker had deemed the White House to be in a “downward spiral.” The Tennessee Republican added on Tuesday that he was trying to “address the broader issue of having some discipline” and that the “chaos is just not healthy.”

The ignorance of millions of Americans who voted for Trump has placed our nation in peril. The inmates are truly running the asylum.

John McCain, who has been critical of Trump’s illegitimate presidency, although he has followed the party line and supported Trump’s anti-American agenda, is bemoaning his loss of credibility based on Trump’s misdeeds.

Without a thorough inquiry empowered to go wherever the facts may lead, I’m afraid we’ll never get to the bottom of why my opposition to this madness amounts to little more than the mildest of criticisms on Meet The Press. The fact that I essentially rubber-stamp this president’s agenda despite a reputation for integrity and independence simply doesn’t add up, and the time has come to find out once and for all what’s really going on with me.”

In June of 2015, when Trump formally declared his candidacy, most intelligent and informed Americans scoffed. One simple fact forbade any possibility that this immoral businessman could become the President of the United States; he was, and is, totally unqualified to lead our nation and the world.

Trump has spent the first four months of his presidency watching cable television and playing golf. Trump’s claim that he is ‘very active,’ and that this is the reason his communications staff frequently offers inaccurate information is an enormous falsehood. Trump makes up his own rules each day, and offers his staff an impossible challenge.

Our government is dysfunctional, and with Trump defiling the White House, the very framework of our nation is in jeopardy. He must go; and he must go now.

America’s nightmare must come to an end at all cost.


by James Turnage

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Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore

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