Why Trump is Really Meeting with the President of Turkey: Hint: It’s not to Secure a Better Relationship with Erdogan


Trump will be meeting with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan today. The dictator will be entertained by Trump at the White House. Erdogan joins Putin, Duterte, and Kim Jong-un on a short list of world leaders Trump respects.

Just last Wednesday, he was ordered to conduct a secret meeting with Russian Foreign Secretary, Sergei Lavrov, and Ambassador/Spy, Sergey Kislyak. The American press was banned from the meeting, but the Russian news agency, TASS, was invited to attend. It has been revealed that Trump offered classified, coded information to his Russian friends.

The White House has reported that the meeting with Erdogan will involve discussions regarding the Syrian conflict, refugees, the war against ISIS, and Trump’s order to directly arm the Kurdish resistance.

There may be cursory discussion related to the former issues, but for Trump the important topic will be his twin Trump Towers in Istanbul.

Although Trump does not own the towers outright, he profits from the use of his name. How many millions of dollars he receives is uncertain, but the Turkish owners definitely line Trump’s pockets with gold.

One other subject is likely to be discussed. When Trump announced his ban on the entry of Muslims into the United States, Erdogan stated his opposition. When the ban became an executive order, halted by federal judges, the country of Turkey was absent from the list of nations restricted from entry into America. Interesting.

For those of you who know little about Erdogan, here are a few tidbits which reveal his intentions, and his moral character or lack of.

In 2013, the people of Istanbul staged protests. They began as an effort to protect the last park in the city; Gezi Park. As protesters filled the adjacent Taksim Square, police used water cannons and tear gas to control the enormous crowd. Protests also began in two other larger cities in Turkey.

The events were not entirely focused upon Gezi Park. Erdogan had begun to institute sharia law into the country. Although Istanbul is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, the largest demographic belongs to Muslims. Erdogan attempted to halt the sale of alcohol; force women to reject western clothing; and ban all forms of public affection.

In 2016, while Erdogan was away from Turkey, an apparent coup was staged by some members of the military. It has been controversial; some believe that the entire event was staged.

When Erdogan regained control of his country, he began a purge. He sentenced such an incredibly large number of military and civilian individuals to prison, additional structures had to be built.

Earlier this year Erdogan was reelected, although the results were questioned when the method for counting ballots became highly suspicious. Although the people of Turkey feel their democracy is in jeopardy, and that Erdogan used the failed coup to establish an autocratic form of government, Trump called and congratulated Erdogan for ‘his magnificent victory.’

The two despots will meet today, but I doubt the context of those meetings will be available to the American press or to the American people.


by James Turnage

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Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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