The Traitor in the White House


I have labeled Donald Trump the ‘criminal-in-chief’ for months; there is no doubt that the truth will be revealed. He has committed multiple ethics violations, and constantly lies to the American people. Trump is the reason a dark cloud hangs over our nation, and the American people live in fear. Our nation was built on morality, and the belief that all citizens share equality and certain inalienable rights. One of those rights is to expect our president to protect the Constitution, and safeguard our nation from foreign adversaries. What we have today is a traitor living in the White House.

Republican politicians remain in false denial. They have a single goal; to retain power, even if that means supporting a president who has violated every directive his office entails.

The revelation of last Wednesday’s meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, offers ultimate proof that Trump is an agent of Vladimir Putin, and a traitor to the United States of America.

This story began on Tuesday with the sudden and controversial firing of FBI Director James Comey. Comey had just requested additional funds and personnel to escalate the investigation into Trump’s Russian connections. Reports from the White House claim that when Trump watched television, and reports related to the investigation came on the screen, he threw a tantrum.

The very next day, at the request of Vladimir Putin, Trump invited Lavrov and Kislyak to the Oval Office. Trump banned American news agencies from the meeting, although representatives from the Russian news agency, TASS were present.

Today, several legitimate news agencies have reported that during that very friendly meeting, Trump revealed classified information, given to our nation from another ally, regarding ISIS. Whether he offered these secrets as a Russian agent, or the act was committed for reasons of vanity, this is treason.

Republicans are arguing that the president has the right to declassify any information at any time. However, this could place American lives in jeopardy, and damage a relationship with our ally who supplied the information.

We have a careless and ignorant man calling himself the president. But one fact cannot be denied; Trump is closely aligned with Putin, and shares his blueprint for governing our nation. Some sources claim that he and Putin share phone conversations on a daily basis.

Trump is not an ‘American president.’ He does not represent the needs or the security of most Americans. Trump is attempting to run our nation in a manner similar to one of his failed businesses.

Cowardly and hypocritical members of the Republican Party must cease their support of a failed and illegitimate president, and respect their oath of office. Today they remain traitors to the Constitution and to the American people; this must change, and change today. They must remember that they serve us, not we, them.

Trump must be impeached and evicted from the White House; the American people deserve better.

Our nation has moved from eight years of a president who never endured a single scandal, to the presidency of a man who represents the evils of our nation. This is unacceptable.

Lock him up.”


by James Turnage


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