Texas Remains at Number Two, but They’re Trying Hard to be Number One

Texas Flag at Veterans' Memorial Park, Port Arthur, Texas
Texas Flag at Veterans’ Memorial Park, Port Arthur, Texas

A preponderance of evidence has proven that Alabama is the most racist and bigoted state in America. Jeff Sessions is a poster boy for the vile beliefs of the old, white men who control the state’s government. Its governor was recently forced to resign. The speaker of the House, and the chief justice of the state supreme court have both been under investigation by the justice department. By its actions, Alabama has never accepted the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Ranked at number two is the Lone Star State. Texas continues its efforts to capture the number one ranking, but it constantly falls just short of its goal. It’s not giving up on its efforts.

The Texas legislature is in session. Three bills have been submitted, and each has a single purpose; to deny the Constitutional rights of the LGBTQ community.

One bill would prevent homosexual couples from adopting children. The Texas legislature would deny children safe and loving homes based on nothing more than homophobia.

A second bill would allow the refusal of state offices to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. A similar effort in Oklahoma has already been voided by the Supreme Court.

A third piece of trashy legislation would prevent transgender men and women from using bathrooms they believe represent their sexual orientation.

Texas has nothing to offer the American people. It has two industries; oil production, and supplying beef to the nation; neither of which positively affects the health and well-being of the American people. Its only other ‘claim to fame’ is that it executes more inmates than any other state in the union. Rick Perry, who is now the controversial Secretary of Energy, worked very hard during his tenure as Texas’ governor to surpass the record number of executions established by George W. Bush.

Two of its most despicable exports are Senators Ted Cruz, and John Cornyn. Cruz led the fallacious assertion that President Obama ‘planned to invade Texas, and institute martial law.’ Cornyn denies the fact that Trump is closely associated with Vladimir Putin, although the evidence is overpowering.

If you’ve ever traveled to or through Texas, you have probably asked yourself, ‘why would anyone live there?’ The weather is unpleasant, and the scenery less than breath-taking. If you are a woman, an African American, or a member of the LGBTQ community, why in the hell haven’t you moved away from constant harassment from the haters who control Texas? You deserve to live in a state which treats all of its residents equally with intelligence and acceptance.

‘The eyes of Texas are upon you,’ but not to protect and serve. They are watching to protect white supremacy and bigotry.


by James Turnage


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