It’s Time for the American People to Think for Themselves and Demand the Impeachment of Donald Trump


If America is to be saved, it is up to the majority of our nation’s people to take action. The Republican Party is filled with hypocrites whose only concern are their personal ambitions. Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell has proven himself a traitor for more than eight years. Lyin Paul Ryan is an opportunist who denies the wishes of the American people. Democrats lack the courage to band together and tell the truth for fear of offending uninformed voters.

Therefore, it’s up to us. We are 320 million strong, and if we reject political parties and demand the truth and refuse to allow government to take control of our nation, we can, and we must demand the impeachment of Donny boy.

Trump is obviously guilty of multiple infractions which demand his removal from office. He is a sexual predator, a man who objectifies women, and a man without a moral compass. He has committed dozens of ethical violations in less than four months of his illegitimate presidency. Under the auspices of Donald Trump, his campaign staff colluded with Russia in an effort to discredit Hillary Clinton, and win the election. There is proof that Trump conspired with Russian oligarchs to launder their fortunes with the purchase of American real estate. This is treason, punishable by death.

Trump can no longer be allowed his attempts to destroy our democracy. He is a con-man; a charlatan whose interests involve his own financial gain and personal aggrandizement. Trump has no intention of representing the American people. He will support his constituents; other billionaires and millionaires, in an effort to recreate America into a plutocracy. This is the same accomplishment his mentor, Vladimir Putin, has achieved in Russia.

Tomorrow is the first day of a new United States of America. All 320 million of our nation’s people must rise up and reject the illegitimate presidency of Donald Trump.

We, the people, can demand his impeachment. The hypocrites of the GOP may attempt to redirect our demands, but they are required to serve us and not a fascist leader.

Get involved; take back your country. Whether this revolution is peaceful or bloody must not be our consideration. The very existence of democracy in the United States is in the balance.

Fight for yourselves, your family, and your friends. Secure the future of you grandchildren and their children. Remove all Republicans from office beginning with our traitorous president.


by James Turnage

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