Is it Disrespectful to Call a President “Stupid?” Not when He Is

Trump (3)

It has become well known that making a fool of Donald Trump is very easy. His belief system is based on two things; flattery, and agreeing with anything and anyone who shares his own twisted beliefs. Trump constantly displays his ignorance by calling legitimate news services such and the New York Times “fake news,” and propaganda machines such as FOX Noise “real news.” Trump even agrees with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and white supremacist publications such as Breitbart. His ridiculous beliefs justify calling him ‘stupid;’ and there is no cure for that condition.

Donnie boy’s ideas are based on ‘alternative facts;’ facts he receives from fallacious publications and cable television broadcasts. He once said that the ‘National Enquirer’ should receive a Pulitzer Prize. I’m not making this s**t up.

Information from the White House stated that chief of staff Reince Priebus has warned the staff about what ‘information’ should or should not be placed on his desk. Trump is apparently prone to accepting anything on that desk as fact.

It has been reported that Trump watches television four to six hours a day, when he’s not on a golf course. It has also been reported that it is common for any of his staff to offer him information at any time to further their personal agendas.

All of the above is believable. All of America, even his supporters, are by now aware that he has no ideas of his own. His campaign promises were nothing more than a plan to evoke emotions and support from the uninformed men and women who attended his rallies.

Information from White House staff reports that Trump’s attention span is extremely short. If he is handed information, and begins to look at it while he is on his way to an appointment or other duty, he will forget about it and study what was handed to him. We also know that if he sees, hears, or reads something with which he disagrees, or is critical of him personally, he often slips into rage and even screams at the television.

Remember; he has control of the nuclear ‘football.’ Really?

You might understand why I call him ‘stupid.’ He acts like a five-year-old spoiled child. Trump is unable to focus, and has frequent temper tantrums.

Should the American people accept a man who is unable to think before he acts because his temperament forces him into anger and even rage? We can all understand why Trump suddenly fired FBI Director James Comey last Tuesday. After watching discussions regarding his collusion with Russia during the campaign, and his money laundering for Russian oligarchs, he made a rash decision which has serious implications. His anger encompassed his entire being, proven by the fact that he failed to fire Comey personally. Even the letter sent to his office offered proof that he was out of control. Comey was in Los Angeles, and learned about his dismissal from a television report.

Ignorance produces fear, anger, hatred, and bigotry. Trump is beyond ignorant, and therefore extremely dangerous to the future of the world.


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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