John McCain Reminds me of the Time when Democrats and Republicans Worked Together for the Country


Thanks to failed Republican leadership, it has been a very long time since Democrats and Republicans deliberated legislation which would benefit all Americans, and found compromise to create effective laws. The American people are at war with most of Republican politicians, and their leader is Mitch McConnell. His words and actions for more than eight years have opposed the will of the American people, and supported efforts to subvert the Constitution of the United States.

There is no longer a question about whether or not Trump should be impeached. A preponderance of circumstantial evidence proves the he is guilty of criminal activity and treason. McConnell told the American people that he will protect the most immoral man in America and oppose a special prosecutor.

Thankfully, there are a few true Republicans who care about our nation and retaining our democracy. John McCain lost my faith in 2008. In 2000, I was one of his most loyal supporters, and unethical actions by the George W. Bush campaign sabotaged his efforts to obtain the Republican nomination. His selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate in the 2008 election eliminated my support. She was far from qualified to replace McCain if necessary, and I was extremely disappointed in his decision.

Today McCain appears once again to be standing up for the American people. He is supporting Democrat’s insistence that a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate Trump’s relationship to Russia, not only during the election, but also related to his business interests, and alleged money laundering for Russian oligarchs.

“I think frankly this is John McCain’s finest hour,” Adam Schiff said on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.” Schiff is the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee.

He continued with his praise for a single Republican who is choosing to do the right thing.

“Probably his most important public service since Vietnam is what he is doing now. I wish we had more Republicans in the House, or maybe even one in the House, who is willing to follow his example.”

Trump’s fear of the truth is evident to all true Americans. As a businessman in the private sector, he escaped close scrutiny for decades. As the illegitimate President of the United States, his crimes have been exposed. No single man or woman in the free world is under more critical examination than the leader of the free world.

McConnell, Lyin Ryan, and others will attempt to cover-up Trump’s crimes against America. If 320 million Americans refuse to allow their hypocrisy, Trump will be removed from office and placed in a federal prison.

I have a dream.”


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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