Unlike Trump, a Real President Is Strongest During a Crisis


Long before the election last November, my greatest concern about a Trump presidency was his extremely weak temperament. Nothing about Trump qualified him to be the President of the United States; he is immoral, a white supremacist, and hates my America. However, knowing that the job of the president is the most difficult and demanding job in the world, I was, and remain, deeply concerned that Trump’s lack of judgment, rash decisions, and his need to have his ego soothed constantly could place our nation and the world in great danger.

Today Trump is stressed; he is facing a crisis. But this crisis is not involved with international relations; his very presidency is in a perilous situation. He has proven my allegations that he is unfit to be the leader of the free world by his actions and his words. This alone would not justify his eviction from the White House. However, accusations of collusion with Russia during the election, illegal business operations in Russia, and laundering money for Russian oligarchs are all serious violations and would force impeachment proceedings.

Once again Trump displayed his weak temperament. There are reports from inside the White House that when he is occasionally in the residence, he watches cable television four to six hours each day. When the subject of his involvement with Russia in 2016 arises, he screams at the television. Most recently, he made a rash decision to fire FBI Director James Comey for his refusal to “take a loyalty oath” to the illegitimate president and cease the investigation into Trump’s misdeeds.

That was last Tuesday, and Trump’s anger, directed at Comey, is growing with every passing day.

Trump lacks good judgment, and is lazy. His many mistakes are revealed daily as press secretary Sean Spicer offers his sad daily press briefings. In addition, Trump has failed to nominate replacements for thousands of necessary federal employees, including a director for FEMA.

Trump loves to brag about himself; if you didn’t know this fact previously, it’s true. It is very troubling if he actually believes that he has accomplished anything in nearly four months. He is America’s biggest failure. However, knowing his mental deficiencies, including paranoia and egomania, he may have convinced himself that he is a somewhat less than adequate illegitimate president.

Great presidents are best during a crisis; ‘great’ is not in Trump’s vocabulary.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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