Trump Continues to Attack Comey and Lie about Events

Comey 2

All of the news today is about the ongoing investigation regarding Donald Trump and his close ties with Russia. More questions are arising about the sudden firing of James Comey, and the multiple areas of investigation involved.

There is an uneasy relationship between Trump and the FBI; it is very possible that it could escalate into a war. Information from the FBI reveals that Comey was investigating much more than the alleged collusion between Russia and Trump’s staff during the election. He was asking for daily briefings related to money laundering, and business arrangements between Russia and Trump’s entire family.

The truth is that Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin began in 2005. To what extent their association became is unknown. However, in 2013 Trump brought the ‘Miss Universe’ contest to Moscow. Former British Spy, Christopher Steele, composed a dossier of the events during Trump’s time in the Russian capital city. I refer to the document as the “Golden Showers Dossier” because of the reported sexual relationship Trump allegedly had with two Russian prostitutes.

But the important part of this document is information which could force impeachment proceedings against Trump. Mr. Steele claims that Trump met with several Russian oligarchs. The subject of their meetings was ‘money laundering.’ These oligarchs are continually searching for ways to launder their vast fortunes; protecting them from the unstable political environment in Russia.

During the 2016 campaign, the private airplane of one oligarch was twice seen on the tarmac near Trump’s personal 757.

Billionaire Robert Mercer financed Trump’s campaign in its final months. During that time, the yacht of this same oligarch was seen parked next to Mercer’s.

It is now a known fact that two of Trump’s closest advisers had illegal ties with Russia, which occurred during the campaign. Michael Flynn, former national security adviser, and Paul Manafort, a one time Trump campaign manager, accepted large sums of money from Russian and Ukraine.

What was once an investigation solely based on allegations that Trump’s campaign staff colluded with Russia to “rig” our election, has now expanded into multiple branches involving Trump, his circle of sinners, and his family.

The firing of James Comey was an effort to halt the investigation; Trump admitted the truth to Lester Holt. It has been reported that Trump invited Comey to the White House for dinner, but Comey declined. Friends and associates claim that Comey was a private man who would never take any action which would raise suspicion about the scope of his duties. It was also reported that Trump demanded that Comey take an “oath of loyalty to the President,” and he refused.

Today Trump is threatening Comey about any possible testimony, and if there are any recordings of their conversations. This entire situation is “Nixonesque;” the similarities and desperate efforts to escape impeachment are without question.

I must thank Donnie boy for giving all writers, political and comedy, a plethora of material on a daily basis. Not even President George W. Bush, or his satanic Vice-President, Dick Cheney, offered as many lies or attempts to misdirect the American people.

What will happen in the very near future no one knows; but I have hope, and a dream. I have dared to allow myself once again feel hope for my country; my fellow Americans. It is possible that we may see an end to our national nightmare.


by James Turnage

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