All Liars Share One Fact: This Includes Your Illegitimate President


Some people exist by lying. They are unable to tell the truth. After years of telling falsehoods to enhance their careers, their status, or their reputation, two things become a reality. First of all, they are exposed; secondly, they believe in their own lies and defend them even after the truth is revealed.

This defines Donald Trump.

Fact checkers have been very busy since June of 2015, and even busier since November 8, 2016. Trump’s biggest lies began in August of 2015 during the first FOX Noise faux-debate. Every proposal, and every promise to is supporters was a lie. Not all of it was intentional; he had and has no idea how government works, or how to govern effectively.

Trump’s biggest lies were post election. He lied about not knowing that Vladimir Putin had interfered with the election. He lied when he claimed that he had the largest number of votes in the Electoral College in history. He lied when he said that he would have won the popular vote if three to five million votes had not been cast illegally. Trump lied about the size of his inauguration, and continues to do so.

When Trump rushed through a deplorable healthcare bill; a bill he promised would offer coverage to everyone, and be better and cheaper than Obamacare, he told the biggest falsehood yet. It is not only more expensive, it will remove health insurance from over 24 million Americans, and make it too costly or even impossible for 131 Americans to obtain healthcare because of preexisting conditions. After the Republican hypocrites in the House narrowly passed the bill, he had the gall to celebrate the future deaths of thousands of Americans each year if it passes in the Senate.

Possibly his biggest lie of all was his promise to work for his supporters. Trump does nothing productive. According to White House sources, he watches cable television for four to six hours each day. Trump criticized President Obama for golfing whenever he had the opportunity. He told his supporters that he ‘wouldn’t have time to play golf; he’d be working hard making deals for the American people.’ Trump has been seen on a golf course more frequently than behind the desk in the Oval Office.

For eight years the American people and their President suffered through a do-nothing congress. Now we also have a do-nothing president. They are all Republicans; coincidence? I don’t think so.

Trump is a pathological liar; he actually believes much of what he says; and that’s dangerous.

Okay, Donnie boy; the vacation’s over. Serve the American people by resigning and return to your golden tower in New York; if they’ll have you.


by James Turnage


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