The Definitive Reason Why the Electoral College Must be Revoked


History offers many valuable and undeniable lessons. One of the greatest mistakes was the establishment of the Electoral College. The fight to remove the election of the president by the people was led by James Madison, and supported by Andrew Hamilton. The Constitutional Congress heatedly debated the issue. Madison was concerned about the slaves and the possibility that they would obtain the right to vote. Hamilton believed that the people would not become adequately informed to make such a momentous decision. An early form of the Electoral College was conceived.

Since its origination, it has been modified several times. Today’s Electoral College has little resemblance to the original version created by our founding fathers.

The majority of our nation’s creators believed that the president must be elected by the majority of the people. However, how that was achieved was at the height of contention. The result was more confusing and less demonstrative of the wishes of the people than they had intended.

Last week France elected a new president. Emmanuel Macron defeated extremist Marine Le Pen by nearly a three to one margin. Popular vote decided the outcome.

One of the deficiencies of our founding fathers was the fact that they were all wealthy and educated men whose lack of faith in the intelligence of the common man swayed their decision process. They were unable to foresee the future when mass communication became a reality. For the United States, the Electoral College has become one of the primary components in the destruction of democracy and equality for all Americans.

Let’s look at the facts beginning in 1992.

William Jefferson Clinton defeated George H.W. Bush in the general election of 1992. He won the Electoral College and the popular vote. President Clinton served two terms, leaving office on January 20, 2001.

The 2000 election was between Clinton’s Vice-President, Al Gore, and the Governor of Texas, George W. Bush. The polls were significant in predicting an extremely close outcome. It’s an old story, but eventually the Republican dominated Supreme Court gifted the election to Bush.

With the addition of Florida’s electoral votes, Bush was declared the winner. However, Al Gore won the popular vote. If the will of the people had decided the outcome, the failed eight years of the Bush administration would never have occurred.

In 2008, a virtually unknown Barrack Obama challenged Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. He faced an uphill battle. He was not only African American, his name was a Muslim derivative. His opponent was Arizona Senator John McCain.

In November of 2008, Mr. Obama became our first black president elect. He handily won both the Electoral College and the popular vote. In 2012, he repeated his victory, and received a second term.

In 2015, it was no surprise that Hillary Clinton declared her candidacy. Eventually she received the Democratic nomination.

Republican voters displayed their displeasure for a failing party which had accomplished nothing in eight years thanks to the failure of leadership controlled by Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and Lyin Paul Ryan. In protest, GOP voters offered their support to the least qualified candidate in American history, whose promises were no more than lies. Donald Trump was nominated in July of 2016.

I will not discuss the factors which allowed Trump to win the Electoral College; many remain questionable. However, he lost the popular vote by nearly three million ballots. Had the people been allowed to decide who would lead their nation, Trump would have been forced to return to his golden tower, and our nation would not be in peril today.

My point is simple. Beginning in 1992, Democrats won the vote of the people. If the Electoral College had not existed, a Democrat would be living in the White House today, and would have for the last 25 years.

Isn’t it time for the people; the people who compose our nation, to be heard? Shouldn’t we decide who should be allowed to live in the White House. If America was created “by the people and for the people,” how can any man or woman be allowed to darken the steps of the White House if he or she was not the people’s choice?

If you agree, please pass this on to your family and friends. Personally, I want my country back. I will never accept an immoral con-man as my president, and no one else should either.


by James Turnage

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