Is Donald Trump Planning to Investigate Himself?


After firing FBI Director James Comey on television two days ago, Trump’s approval rating dropped to 36 percent, and his disapproval rating rose to 58 percent. Both are unprecedented for a recently elected president. He is desperate to improve the public’s view of him, and is only making matters worse by reiterating some of the early lies he told in his first days in office.

The White House announced today that it will launch a commission to investigate Trump’s fallacious claims of voter fraud and suppression.

As for voter fraud, national statistics prove that actual fraud exists only .012 percent of the time. As for suppression, Trump will be investigating his own supporters who were removed from multiple polls during the election, as they attempted to intimidate voters.

The only arrest made during the election was a single woman who attempted to vote for Trump a second time.

Trump is extremely desperate to remove the attention of the press and the people from his confirmed ties to Vladimir Putin. It has become common knowledge that the only reason James Comey was fired is because he asked for additional personnel and funding the day before he was removed from office in order to escalate the investigation related to Russia and our election.

Let’s be clear about the situation. The foreign press has confirmed the allegations which remain unproven in the United States. Trump has maintained a relationship with Vladimir Putin since 2005. Nearly every member of Trump’s circle of sinners has connections with Russia. The most notable are Trump, himself, who is reported to have multiple business interests in Russia. Then there are Rex Tillerson, Robert Mercer, Jeff Sessions, former national security adviser Michael Flynn, former campaign manager Paul Manafort, and others.

The most damning information confirmed by the foreign press is the “Golden Showers Dossier.” Although the deviant and lurid sexual actions involved are unforgivable for the president, and alone make him unfit to defile the White House, it is his proven connection with Russian oligarchs which would force impeachment hearings.

He met with several oligarchs in Moscow with the intent of assisting them in their efforts to launder their fortunes through American real estate.

Trump of course denies any interference by Putin. But he continues to make false claims regarding voter fraud, denies the fact that Hillary crushed him in the popular vote, and that his inauguration crowd was the smallest since Lyndon Johnson’s. And of course don’t forget that every media organization is ‘fake news’ other than FOX Noise.

If Trump’s approval rating drops much lower, he will have to “look up to see down,” as a friend of mine liked to say.

The only reasonable direction for him to take is out of the White House door, and stay out.


by James Turnage


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