More Similarities Between Nixon and Trump


The sudden firing of James Comey raises many questions, but the truth is that it’s just another event in a preponderance of circumstantial evidence that Trump and his campaign staff committed treason.

Let’s take a look at some of the events which confirm my assertion.

Let’s begin with President Obama. Michael Flynn was fired by the President from the DIA. During his face to face meeting with Trump two days after the election, Mr. Obama warned Trump about Flynn. Trump ignored the sage advice of his predecessor, and hired Flynn as his national security adviser, only to fire him 24 days later.

Sally Yates was acting Attorney General before the sad confirmation of Jeff Sessions. She also warned Trump about Flynn. She was investigating ties between Russian and the Trump campaign. Ms. Yates was summarily fired for protecting the Constitution; refusing to support Trump’s Muslim ban.

Preet Bharara was a federal prosecutor who was investigating individuals related to collusion between Trump’s staff and Russian agents. He was fired.

A cursory investigation of Jeff Sessions revealed that he had communicated with a Russian agent during the campaign, and recused himself from all further investigation.

Jason Chaffetz was the chairman of the House Oversight Committee. During the investigation into Flynn’s activities involving foreign nations, he suddenly resigned from Congress when the White House claimed that they had no paperwork related to Flynn’s vetting process. This is the same man who opened investigations into the tragedy of Benghazi four times with no results condemning Hillary Clinton. When he assumed that Hillary would be elected on November 8, 2016, he promised multiple investigations into Hillary’s past after she was elected.

Trump had several key members of his White House staff resign within the first 100 days.

Now the man who was leading the investigation into the relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, James Comey, has suddenly been terminated; not in person, but while he was on a trip to Los Angeles.

During the Watergate investigation, President Richard Nixon ordered the firing of special prosecutor, Archibald Cox. Refusal to do so resulted in the firing of at least two Attorneys General. Eventually Nixon personally fired him.

Yesterday Trump fired Comey; why?

The answer is obvious; those involved in investigating the traitorous actions by Trump and his cronies were getting too close to the truth; and we know Trump can’t handle the truth.

The big difference between the corrupt administrations of Nixon and Trump is that Nixon revealed his tax returns; Trump continues to ignore all demands by the American people. Would those returns reveal multiple business relationships with Russia? Who does he owe money to, and how much?

Trump is desperate to cover-up the facts; the truth. Impeachment may be nearer than we thought.

Stay tuned, and share my hope that the embarrassment which is Donald Trump may soon be nothing more than a bad memory.


by James Turnage

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