Hypocrite Paul Ryan Denies his own Words from 2009


In 2009 Paul Ryan was a huge critic of the Affordable Care Act. His primary complaints were that the bill was ‘rushed,’ and that no one had read the proposed law in its entirety.

When Seth Meyers played tapes from 2009, and pointed to the fact that Trumpcare had been rushed, and that none of the Republican members of the House had read it, Lyin Ryan took the time to send him an e-mail, denouncing the facts.

Ryan: This bill has been online for a month, went through four House committees, and the only change this week was a simple three-page amendment.”

It took nearly 15 months to complete Obamacare. The law is 13,000 pages long, and not a single member of congress claimed to have read it in its entirety. Trumpare is only 123 pages long, and no one read it. It was rushed into the House in just a couple of months, and there were only three pages of revisions to satisfy the demands of the freedom caucus. That’s the truth, Lyin Ryan.

Trumpcare is a disaster, unless you are extremely wealthy. Donald Trump and the other 584 billionaires in the United States will receive enormous tax credits, while older Americans, and Americans with preexisting conditions will be unable to afford health insurance. Trumpcare has been vehemently denounced by every healthcare agency in America.

Trumpcare will eliminate coverage for at least 24 million Americans, and many of the 131 million Americans with preexisting conditions such as diabetes and pregnancy.

Lyin Ryan is misleading the American people by claiming that Trumpcare is even ‘adequate.’ Proving that he is unable to govern effectively, the truth is that Obamacare could have been improved, and no important changes in coverage would have occurred. This is purely political on the part of Lyin Ryan and his cronies. The idea is to remove a part of a great President’s legacy, and protect the worst president in history. These are the facts.

The Republican Party is the champion of the one-percent, and the enemy of the working class. They have waged war against us, women, and minorities for decades. It’s time we wage our own war against them.

In November of 2018 we can vote them out of office. No one who cares for their family and friends should vote for any candidate with an “R” next to their name. We can win this one without killing our fellow Americans in the way Trumpcare would.


by James Turnage


Follow me on twitter; @jamesturnagenov

My website: https://sites.google.com/site/jamesturnagenovelist/james-turnage-truthsayer

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