America Needs a Grown-up as our President: That is not Trump


Trump hates the truth more than anything in the world. His temperament is so weak that he is unable to control his rage when facts are forced upon him. Sources from the White House have reported that not only does Trump spend four to six hours each day watching cable television, when he watches clips he disagrees with, especially about his proven ties with Russia and Vladimir Putin, he screams at the television screen.

Is this what the American people deserve? Should we allow a man to soil the White House sheets who is prone to temper tantrums. Immaturity is the word which comes to mind, but maybe senility is a better choice in this situation; Trump is nearly 71 years old, and listening to him has proven that he has some form of mental illness.

Trump was watching television again on Tuesday evening, and was upset when he was not praised for firing former FBI Director James Comey.

“By Tuesday evening, the president was watching the coverage of his decision and frustrated no one was on TV defending him. … Instead, advisers were attacking each other for not realizing the gravity of the situation as events blew up.” This from a White House insider.

The American people deserve a leader, not a spoiled bully who is incapable of performing the job for which he was elected. His lack of any wisdom has been proven by his selection of advisers and cabinet members. Not one of them is qualified to participate in government.

If Trump believes that firing Comey will silence those who want a full investigation regarding his ties to Russia, he is very mistaken. This only emphacizes the necessity of a full, all-encompassing examination of the 2016 election.


by James Turnage


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