Trump Removes ‘Promises’ from Website: Is he Facing Reality?

Trump Illness

Trump reiterated his many promises on his website. As of Tuesday morning, most of them have been removed. Is your illegitimate facing reality, and realizing that Congress as certain powers not exclusive to the president?

Most interesting, after facing several obstacles in federal court, Trump’s Muslim ban is no longer on the page. This was one of Trump’s ‘big three,’ along with his ‘wall,’ and repealing and replacing Obamacare. Although the deplorable bill known as ‘Trumpcare’ was passed by the traitors in the House, it is highly unlikely that it will pass in the Senate in it’s present form.

All presidential candidates pander to their supporters; they make promises they are not certain that they can keep. However, in the case of Donnie boy, he was blatantly lying to raise the emotional level of his crowds. Today, well past the election, we know that his supporters cast their ballots based on that emotion, and not on intelligent inspection of the facts.

As I stated last November; there will be no wall, and the Constitution prevents a ban on Muslims. As for healthcare, we must wait and see. The word from the senate is that Trumpcare will be re-written. If it reaches some resemblance to Obamacare, and actually provides adequate healthcare for the most needy, it is doubtful that the freedom caucus in the House will vote in favor of the revised legislation. There will not be another ‘beer party’ celebrating the deaths of thousands of Americans every year.

Yes Congressman Raul Labrador; being unable to secure adequate healthcare does cause death; in your case we’ll call it what it is; MURDER.


by James Turnage


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