Jeff Sessions Approves of Jail Time for Protester


Desiree Fairooz is a member of CODEPINK. She was a participant in the protests involved in the confirmation hearings of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. When another senator offered testimonials in support of Sessions’ confirmation, Ms. Fairooz couldn’t resist a chuckle. She was arrested for disrupting the hearing, and for protesting on Capitol grounds. She has been convicted on both counts and faces up to a year in jail. She will be sentenced next month.

Although there were other minor interruptions during the hearings, Ms Fairooz was singled out and will be punished for being human.

The Trump administration hates the truth, and constantly offers “alternative facts.” Sessions has stated that the administration may look at ways to alter the first amendment. Can we call Trump and his circle of sinners ‘Americans?’ I don’t believe so.

Sessions should come to the aid of Ms. Fairooz, but he will not. Criticism is not allowed by this immoral group which is leading our nation.

Overall the truth is what is important, and the truth here is that Republicans ignored the American people and rushed the confirmation of Sessions whose history of racism proves that he is another white nationalist. He is unfit to be our nation’s chief legal representative.

Fascism has arrived in America, and it’s wearing the flag and carrying a cross. If a ‘chuckle’ disrupted the hearing, what will happen when screams of ‘racist’ follow Sessions wherever he goes? If the Trump administration is frustrated regarding the many, many protests around the world, they must learn to accept the truth; they are the most hated people in the world.

After French voters observed Trump’s mistakes over three-plus months in our country, they soundly defeated Marine Le Pen, who has been called the ‘female Trump.’ No one respects him because he has proven that he is not deserving of that respect.

Ms. Fairooz is a victim of an ignorant and uncaring administration. I am saddened by the changes in our nation in under four months of allowing an immoral and vindictive man to defile the White House.


By James Turnage


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