Any “Wild Guesses” Why Comey was Fired

Comey 2

Let’s see; white supremacists and two men dedicated to protecting Trump’s tax returns and his long-time relationship with Vladimir Putin, have decided to fire the man charged with investigating our nation’s illegitimate president. What could this possibly mean? Is Donnie boy’s administration synonymous with corruption? You f***ing ‘A’ it is.

Let the questions begin! How deeply was Sessions involved with the Russians during the campaign? Did he and Flynn collude with Russian agents to help Trump win? What other reason would Trump have had for nominating Sessions to one of the most important jobs in his administration? He is totally unqualified to protect the laws of our nation.

How much did Comey learn? Who else knows? Did Trump fire him to protect him from scrutiny by congress, and allow him to disappear into obscurity? About the latter; “it aint gonna happen.”

Democrats can smell ‘blood in the water.’ This is going to spark a more inclusive investigation into traitorous actions by Trump and his campaign staff. We know that Manafort, Flynn, Sessions, Carter Page, and Roger Stone were all involved with Russia during the campaign. But we don’t yet know to what extent. Was Comey too close to the truth? Did he refuse to bow to Trump’s demands to hide the facts?

The foreign press claims to have evidence regarding collusion between Trump and Putin during the campaign. They also claim to have proof that the “Golden Showers Dossier” in factual. Not only did Trump engage in lurid sexual activities with young Russian prostitutes while he was married to Melania, he also met with Russian oligarchs to assist them in their efforts to launder money through American real estate. Is this the reason Melania refuses to live with Trump in the White House?

After nearly four months of the most corrupt administration in American history, we know that Trump is the world’s biggest liar and con-man. He is the reason “if his lips are moving, he’s lying” has become the descriptive term to label everyone whose success is based on fallacy. Trump is a criminal and an enemy of the United States. There is also a pattern here. Trump and “Keebler elf” Jeff Sessions have fired Sally Yates, Michael Flynn, Preet Bhahara, and now James Comey; they knew too much.

Is this the beginning of the end of Trump as our national embarrassment? If there is a god, I pray that this is true.


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Rich Girard

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