Adjectives Describing Republicans: Arrogant, and Ignorant


Republican politicians don’t give a damn about what the American people need or want; they support their owners; lobbyists and the one-percent. If you’re tired of me talking about this, do something.

Let’s not join in the denial of the mainstream media who have mislead us for years. Today’s “Republican Party” is nothing more than a label of the once Grand Old Party. They are hypocrites whose arrogance and ignorance have become destructive forces in our nation’s government.

From our founding fathers to their successors, Republican politicians of the past would denounce these men and women who lack any interest in supporting those who elected them.

Abraham Lincoln would cringe at his former party which supports a white supremacist as their president. He would not deny the truth, and tell all Americans that Trump is the antithesis of his core beliefs.

Teddy Roosevelt would reject the arrogance of the Trump administration which believes that all Americans can be fooled into believing that he can ‘fix’ America without making any effort to do so.

Dwight Eisenhower, one of the greatest generals in American history, would denounce the obvious intention of Trump and his circle of sinners to ‘speak in anger, and threaten the use of a big stick.’ “Ike” talked consistently about the evils of war and the need for diplomacy.

Ronald Reagan was described as the “great orator.” During his time in office, ‘minimizing’ may be a very legitimate description of his most valuable talent. Although he became an enemy of America’s working class, his ability to negotiate with both our allies and our adversaries was praised by all of Washington’s politicians.

George H.W. Bush remains a loyal American. His policies as our 41st president were unsuccessful; and combined with the legacy of Reagan which included a huge deficit, and growing unemployment, forbade him reelection. His intentions were admirable, and history will consider him a victim of circumstance.

The 21st century Republican Party has no resemblance to their predecessors. Led by failures such as Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and Paul Ryan, they are responsible for our dysfunctional government. The ‘do nothing’ congress which promised to defeat President Obama for eight years failed the American people. They alone are the reason we now have the most immoral and unqualified man in our nation’s history living in the White House; occasionally.

The arrogance and ignorance of GOP politicians are the reasons American politics is broken. Today, they support the fascist ambitions of Donald Trump, and are responsible for the failure of our government. Supporting Trump is a slap in the face to our founding fathers, and will prove to be the unraveling of the Republican Party in the very near future.

My advice to all Americans; Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, is to think very carefully when you go to the polls in November of 2018. Anyone who supported Trump’s un-American agenda must be removed from office if you believe in patriotism, and the future of your family and friends.

Doing nothing is nothing less than surrendering to a fascist regime which will enslave the working class. Your choice; your future.


by James Turnage

Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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