Robert Mercer Continues Support for Trump: But it may Cost Him


To refresh your memory, Robert Mercer is a billionaire hedge fund mogul. In 2015, he became involved in Ted Cruz’ campaign. He brought his money, Kellyanne Conway, and Breitbart executive director, Steve Bannon, into ‘camp Cruz.’ Mercer is also Breitbart’s primary supporter.

In May of 2016, after another ‘beating’ by Donald Trump in Indiana, Cruz announced that he was suspending his campaign. Shortly afterwards, Mercer, Conway, and Bannon took control of a struggling Trump campaign. The primary issues were money, racism, and sexism. The strategy became attack, attack, and attack, without substance or taking a single stand on the issues.

After Trump’s gift by the Electoral College, Bannon became Trump’s ‘chief strategist,’ a position was ‘created’ for Conway at taxpayer expense, and Mercer’s daughter, Rebekah, took control of the transition team.

Mercer, his daughter, Bannon, and Trump celebrated, as white nationalists were now in control of our nation.

Today it was reported that Mercer is joining Trump in another area of familiarity. Trump has 134 lawsuits pending against him today; Mercer has been sued by a former employee who was fired after two decades of service.

David Magerman, a research scientist who worked at Renaissance Technologies LLC for two decades, is suing Mercer for ‘wrongful termination’ which occurred on April 29th. He claims that the only reason he was fired is his open denouncement of Donald Trump. He also called Mercer a racist, and criticized him for supporting Trump.

The relationship between Magerman and the Mercer family had been deteriorating and came to an apparent conclusion when Rebekah Mercer called Mr. Magerman “pond scum” at a celebrity poker tournament.

Why do white supremacists and Republicans all hate the truth? Why can’t they embrace who they are? Why was it necessary for a Trump victory to make a decision to come out of the shadows and up from the sewers? Is it because they hate America, and miss Nazi Germany? Would they have been happier if Germany had won WWII?

I am not a lawyer, and would not wish to be one. I do not know if Mr. Magerman will win his lawsuit. But I am personally pleased that the reclusive Robert Mercer has himself been forced to come out of his own ‘closet’ for the world to see.

Racists must stick together; alone they are weak, ignorant, and despicable.


by James Turnage


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