Will France’s Election Mimic the 2016 Tragedy in American?

Le Pen

During the 2016 campaign season, many progressives broke ranks with Hillary after Bernie Sanders lost the nomination. This became a major reason why Trump was gifted the Electoral College. Apathy won, as many left wing voters stayed home on November 8th, and were apparently not concerned with the damage of a Trump presidency. Will this happen in France today?

Exit polls are claiming that in Laon, a city in northern France, voters are turning in blank ballots. Will the French people gift the presidency to Le Pen and move their country on the destructive path American voters have already chosen?

This is a danger to the future of the world. The only weapon citizens of most nation’s possess against their corrupt governments is their vote. Not exercising that right is nothing less than waving a white flag to fascism and oppression.

In America, we can only blame ourselves. I was a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter; his ideas aligned most closely with my own beliefs. However, when it became evident that Hillary would win the nomination, I joined in supporting her. She was the most qualified candidate, and much of her platform was also my own. Besides, the alternative was to allow Donald Trump or Ted Cruz to become our nation’s president; and that was unforgivable.

Sadly, millions of Americans, including personal friends, saw it differently. Their anger at alleged actions by the DNC and Hillary’s campaign staff not only resulted in them not voting for Hillary, many actually campaigned against her.

If this happens in France today, the destruction of the European Union is unstoppable. This will allow Putin’s plans to move forward as he seeks the establishment of a “new and improved” Soviet Union.

Our nation’s politicians do a lot of talking about democracy, freedom, and ‘America’s greatness;’ but it’s all nothing more than “hot air.” In my seventy years, I experienced years when I saw our nation move forward socially. We were moving towards the principles and the dream of our founding fathers.

On November 8, 2016, everything changed, and we are now moving backwards into the dark ages of American life. I hope this will not happen today in France. Their people deserve better. America may be a country lost to greed and white nationalism.


by James Turnage


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