Just one more Reason Why McConnell Must Go

the Turtle

I’ve said it a hundred times before, and I’ll say it again; until he is thrown out of office; Mitch McConnell represents the worst of our government, and is the biggest traitor in the history of the Republican Party. This old, useless, white supremacist is responsible for the failure of our government, and the reason the GOP has not accomplished a single positive action for the American people in over eight years. He is a depraved and evil man who will do anything to be reelected without a single consideration for the people of Kentucky or our nation. He is the very definition of the term “traitor.”

McConnell is stupid, but he’s not that stupid to know that not only is Trumpcare a very bad piece of legislation, it will kill thousands of Americans each year. But he sold his soul to Trump when his demon wife was given a position in Trump’s circle of sinners as Secretary of Transportation. If there is a hell, when McConnell dies he will immediately be placed on a ‘bullet train’ or a Concorde to suffer for all eternity for his crimes against humanity.

When asked about the passage of Trumpcare in the senate, this is what the hypocrite said: We don’t anticipate any Democratic help at all, so it will be a simple majority vote situation,” McConnell told The Associated Press. Really? 75 percent of Americans oppose Trumpcare, and he will insure that it is passed. I don’t know whose payroll McConnell is on, but they must be paying him millions and millions of dollars.

Okay, I guess you’ve figured it out. Although I have refused to harbor hatred all of my life, I’m making an exception for McConnell. I wish him and his family only the worst, because that’s what he has given to the American people. I love my country, and that means I love all of our nation’s people. But I have learned to reject our government. We have no representation in Washington. When lobbyists were allowed to buy votes, democracy and freedom became a distant memory. The Republican Party is owned by the wealthy. Both the one-percent and GOP politicians are our enemy, and McConnell is the “little corporal” who dreams of being a king.

We can only defeat our captors if we join together. The revolution has begun, and it must escalate with every day. You’ll soon realize that is is liberating.


by James Turnage


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