Will the French Election be Won by Putin Too? Will Le Pen Destroy Democracy in France?

Le Pen

Vladimir Putin has a goal; world domination. As one of the leaders of the former KGB, he longs for the ‘bad old days’ when the Soviet Union was a threat to the world. But this time it is not only the bloc of nations which composed the Union, he wants to include America and much of Europe in his plans.

Several factors gifted Trump with the Electoral College on November 8th, 2016, the day I call the ‘end of democracy.’ Putin’s interference was one of those reasons, and the United States now has an illegitimate president. Is France next?

Marine Le Pen is the extremist right wing candidate whose father once attempted to destroy democracy. She has been compared to Trump for her revolt against the establishment, and her attacks against immigrants. Like Trump, she claims that they are the greatest danger to the French population.

Her opponent is a centrist, Emmanuel Macron.

Reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Macron’s e-mails and other vital electronic information have been hacked. All signs point to Putin. Both the Russian president and Donald Trump have voiced their support for Le Pen.

Let’s not pretend to act like the mainstream media; let’s tell the truth. This is another effort to create the ‘New World Order,’ which would destroy democracy around the world and establish a fascist form of government, under the control of a small group of despots.

Please remember this post; this is the truth the media and governments around the world do not want us to know.

I am opposed to conspiracy theories in general, but this exception proves the rule.

Fight back. If you do not, slavery will raise its deplorable head around the world.


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Gilbert-Noel Sfeir Mont-Liban

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