What do Federal Workers Think About Trump as their new Boss?


Trump may pretend that he doesn’t care, but all of America is aware of Trump’s enormous ego and weak temperament; he cares. A survey by the Government Business Council revealed that 58 percent of federal employees disapprove of Trump’s illegitimate presidency. Thirty-seven percent approve of Trump’s presidency so far, while 4 percent remain uncertain.

What does this mean? Nothing, with exception of making it unanimous; Trump is the worst president in American history; and he’s only going to get worse. By his own words and actions, he doesn’t want to be a real president. He has refused to pick up a copy of “Government for Dummies,” while watching cable television or golfing most of his waking hours.

Government employees also join with the majority in their disapproval of Trump’s nepotism. Jared Kushner nor Ivanka have any experience in government, and should not be allowed to remain on the White House staff. America did not elect them.

With Trump as your illegitimate president, there is but a single thing we know will happen; wherever he goes, protesters will be present.


by James Turnage


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